Turn Your Walk into a Workout

From the Ocean to the Mat

The most commonly cited obstacle to regular exercise is lack of time. Factoring in preparation, travel, and shower time, even a 45-minute or 1 hour class can easily take a couple hours out of your day. Not to mention the financial and logistical issues of paying for the class, covering travel expenses, and figuring out childcare.

But most people would agree they have time for a 20-30 minute walk – whether around your neighborhood or a nearby park.

And if you’re already going for a walk, why not take the opportunity to get a full-body workout in?

Below I’ve outlined a four-circuit program that can be completed anywhere, with no equipment needed. Each exercise group has a corresponding video (linked to Youtube). The videos have been sped up for faster viewing, but the more slowly you can do each exercise, the better!

Each individual exercise should be repeated about 8-10 times…

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