A Workshop Tour of Europe: Berlin

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The Roaming Photographer

Berlin was the last stop on mine and Joel’s workshop tour. I didn’t want to think about having to separate at the end of our time there, but it was coming up quick. We took a bus from Amsterdam to Berlin, which took about 10 hours and reminded us what it really means to be cramped and bored. (At least we had free wifi.)

We arrived in Berlin late in the afternoon, and we immediately set to finding our hostel for the night. After a slightly failed attempt to figure out the Berlin metro system, we arrived at the bar that was supposedly also our hostel. I was a little nervous, as the bar was crowded and loud and full of drunk people, and I just wanted to sleep. However, Joel had gotten us a private room, and when we arrived at our room, I was amazed at what we found…

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A Workshop Tour of Europe: France (Part 1)

The Roaming Photographer

The last country on my European tour was not in the initial plan. My original plan was to visit a friend in Croatia, and I was really excited about it. However, plans changed on his end, which left me with a whole week left in Europe and nowhere to go. Luckily, my Aussie friend Brooke had reached out to me and offered to let me stay with her at a chateau in France that she was house-sitting for. Of course, it didn’t take me long to make my decision, and I booked my tickets from Berlin to Bordeaux–my first time traveling between countries solo.


I slept overnight in the Brussels airport, which is something I’d never done before. It was a beautiful airport, with long lounge chairs and walls that were made out of windows. It was the perfect airport to sleep in, if you had to choose anyway. I…

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