Is South Africa safe for solo travel?



When I made the decision to backpack solo through South Africa, my safety seemed to be the topic on everybody’s lips. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that I have friends, family members and old acquaintances concerned for my well-being, but what I didn’t find nice, was the fact that many of these concerns and opinions about the dangerousness of South Africa seemed inherently racist and dare I say, ignorant.

It’s a sad fact that before my departure, a girl I hadn’t spoken to or seen in years, contacted me through Facebook Messenger and told me that not only was I stupid for travelling to South Africa alone, but also that I was going to get myself raped and murdered, and when I did, it would be my own fault.

That was a message that I found confronting, upsetting and disturbing. It frustrated me so much that I simply deleted…

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