#RaisingReaders Monday: What’s hot at my house


With Thanksgiving just behind us, the winter holidays just ahead, and end-of-term projects galore, it’s been a little crazy around my house lately. We haven’t had a lot of spare time for blogging (or cleaning, or putting away our laundry) – but we did have time to cut down and put up a big, beautiful Christmas tree in our front room – also known as The Library.

photo (4)

We also found time to bring up the Big Box of Winter Books from the basement. (And while the kids were distracted digging into their favorites, I managed to confiscate collect the remaining Halloween and Fall books and pack them away for next year.)

My winter book basket

No matter how busy we get, it seems we always find time for reading – whether it’s curled on the couch before school, in the backseat on the way to swim lessons, or up way past our bedtimes.  I’m…

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