“No mortal can compare to Liszt” by Clara Rodriguez


14082503Written and compiled byClaraRodriguez
StagedinCaracasin July2011


·Pianist: ClaraRodriguez

·Actress: CaridadCanelón

·Narrator: MiguelDelgado-Estévez

Claraenters in  darkness andsits at the piano, a dim lightbecomes strongergraduallyand she starts to play theConcert StudyNo. 3 “Unsospiro” by FranzLiszt

ACTRESS: FranzLiszt, was a Hungarian composerandpianist who has been described asthe firstrockstar.His extraordinarysuccess led toterms likeLisztomaniaandLisztFeverdueto the hysteriaproduced byhis public appearances.

NARRATOR: At the time of his birth, in Vienesse cafés, Beethoven talked to his friends of Bolívar’s triumphs in Latin America, it was the year ofthe signing ofthe first Constitution ofthe Republic ofVenezuela, it was the year of  The Great Comet…

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