Beginning Cadaver Sketches

rebecca flannigan

I have been meaning to post some sketches for weeks of the dissections my gross anatomy class has been doing. Here are some of the first ones. I try to keep up with labeling them with tracing paper over the top for studying purposes and also because sometimes it’s difficult for me to look back on a sketch and remember what I was looking at. (Even though the day I’m drawing an area I always think to myself “I’ll never forget what I meant by this!”) Please excuse my sloppy scanning job, hopefully you can tell what some of these are.

posterior labeledposteriorside view of neck labelsside view of neck posterior view of muscles surrounding the scapula labeledscapula, posterior musclesdeltoid and cut pectoralis major labelsdeltoid and cut pectoralis majorpectoralis major reflected to show pectoralis minorbrachium and brachial plexus pectoral girdle bone labelspectoral girdleskull posterior

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