#RaisingReaders Monday (on a Tuesday): Kid Favorites at the Book Fair


To those of you who noticed that I didn’t get this one out on a Monday – sorry, and thanks for being such dedicated readers that you miss me when I’m off schedule! To those of you who didn’t notice…forget I said anything. I won’t bore you with the homework woes and over-tired kids that took gold in the competition for my time last night!


Whiny, irrational people in pajamas aside, yesterday was a really fun day for me. For the 2nd year in a row, I volunteered at our elementary school’s Scholastic Book Fair. It was eye-opening in whole new ways now that I am both blogging on literacy issues and working to get published in the world of kid-lit.

Last year, I thought my role was to help kids add up book prices and try not to let them spend all their money on novelty erasers. This year…

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2 thoughts on “#RaisingReaders Monday (on a Tuesday): Kid Favorites at the Book Fair

    • Hi Kathryn!
      You are welcome!, Sorry I couldn’t reply to you sooner as I was very busy.
      I like your blog, it’s about kids and specially that you are a mom. 🙂
      Also, we follow each other on Twitter, I’m following you on Pinterest and now on G+ as well, will follow your Facebook page soon too. Will support your pages every time that it’s possible. 😉
      I hope you are having a great time there, in life and works!

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