Picture of the Day: Royal Azaleas on Mt. Hwangmaesan


royal azaleas Mt. Hwangmaesan south korea

Photograph by DaeWook Kim

In this beautiful capture by DaeWook Kim, we see fields of Royal Azaleas on Mt. Hwangmaesan in South Korea during the Hapcheon Hwangmaesan Royal Azalea Festival which runs from May 3 – 16 each year. According to South Korea’s official tourism site:

The 1,108-meter-high Mt. Hwangmaesan encompasses the three peaks of Habong, Jungbong and Sangbong. Since the reflection of the mountain is also mirrored on the water of Hapcheon Lake, the mountain is also called ‘Sujungmae’ (literally meaning ‘ume (Japanese apricot) blossom under water’). In spring, azalea and rhododendron blossoms take over the entire mountain; in summer, you can enjoy the refreshing valley area; in the fall, the sound of birds singing is everywhere; and in winter, harsh winds swirl around the snow-capped Dongnipbong Peak. [source]

The area is a popular destination for hiking and enjoying the stunning landscape. See Visit Korea

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