I’ve Got B.A.L.L.S…..

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


Golf balls that is…..

I do not play golf, but I could not resist this bag of old and well used golf balls at an estate sale recently.  They looked lonely all by themselves and perfect for my lens.  I can only imagine the stories behind them.  I tried to learn this sport a long time ago when a date who loved to play invited me along.  I got tired of walking since we did not use a golf cart.  There just wasn’t enough “action” for my football loving tastes.  Plus my balls went everywhere and it is a miracle that neither of us ended up with a concussion.  I would hit them hard and then I kept forgetting to yell “fore”!  What a riot…..

I know for a lot of folks golfing is a serious past time and I do respect it as a sport, but for me it is just…

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