The Whooper is back …

Thorstens fotoblogg

Att få smyga sig fram och få en bild av dessa “myrfåglar” känns som ett privilegium …

Ha de Thorsten


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18 Ways To Start Living, Not Just Existing

Thought Catalog

I once had a conversation with someone in which I admitted to them that I spent an hour meditating on the floor to get ready for work in the context of, “yeah, I know, I’m crazy.” Their response? “You know what’s crazy? Sitting at a desk 9-5 for your entire life. That’s crazy.”

1. Stop living within proximity. Travel to another state to see your favorite author speak, don’t let distance stop you from buying tickets to seeing the band you love, don’t write off relationships because they may have to be long-distance for a bit and research the natural wonders of the parts of your city and state that you don’t frequent, and make it a point to go see them.

2. Stop being okay with unanswered questions. Seek what you want to find. Question until you understand. Dig until you find your purpose. Experiment until you find your passion. Reach out for the relationship…

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My Latest Creation: 9 Months in the Making!

Great story by my wonderfully amazing friend Jennifer Thomas! >>>
I’m really really happy for you Jennifer!

Musical Meanderings

I’ve been wanting to share with you guys about my latest creation for a while now. And while I’ve given you little peaks and snippets on my Facebook page, it’s only now that I’m finally sitting down to write a blog post about the birth of my 3rd baby – Riley Finn Thomas.

Riley was born on March 16th – weighing 7 pounds, 6 ounces.


10003539_10152095050263425_399490022_n   CAM04728   1167110_10152108087623425_1941454032_o

Many of you know over the past 9 months I have been working quite hard on this beautiful creation added to “Team Thomas”. 🙂 I did do a few concerts in my 1st and 2nd trimesters…


(Performing with Grammy nominated violinist Jenny Oaks Baker at Benaroya Hall in Seattle – 5 months pregnant)



(After performing at the Arlington Nativity Festival – 6 months pregnant – with my Grandma and mother)

…But after my 6th month I decided to take a hiatus from…

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I’ve Got B.A.L.L.S…..

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


Golf balls that is…..

I do not play golf, but I could not resist this bag of old and well used golf balls at an estate sale recently.  They looked lonely all by themselves and perfect for my lens.  I can only imagine the stories behind them.  I tried to learn this sport a long time ago when a date who loved to play invited me along.  I got tired of walking since we did not use a golf cart.  There just wasn’t enough “action” for my football loving tastes.  Plus my balls went everywhere and it is a miracle that neither of us ended up with a concussion.  I would hit them hard and then I kept forgetting to yell “fore”!  What a riot…..

I know for a lot of folks golfing is a serious past time and I do respect it as a sport, but for me it is just…

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Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


This past weekend was filled with fun and diversion from my normal routine.  I spent a lovely day with a friend in Tarpon Springs eating Greek food, playing pool and hitting the vintage shops.  I also got in some photography on Saturday.  My husband and I headed out to Sand Key, FL and surrounding beaches to soak up a little sunshine and explore beach condos.  While we were trekking about, these hot pink flowers really caught my eye.  They were ground hugging beauties.  He immediately identified them as “ice plants” which I had never seen in the South before.  He said they grow like wild up in California where he is from.  In 45 years this is my first ice plant spotting. Wow!  The color is fantastic (unaltered…straight from my Nikon D7000).  I find I actually “see” more when I carry my macro lens with me.  There really is so much beauty…

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